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Q. What is a demo account and how do I get one?

Demo accounts are otherwise known as practices accounts for new traders to familiarize with the DEUS trading platforms to get a feel of the actual live trading. It is a highly recommended way to begin your trading career or for experienced traders to test newly formulated techniques and strategies. In this circumstance, we offer demo accounts for DEUS TECH.

Q. Does the demo account expire?

Unlike most online brokers, DEUS demo trading account is non-expiry. We welcome you to use our free demo accounts as long as you wish because we believe that you should only start trading live when you feel comfortable.

Q.Any similarity between a demo account and a live account?

The basic intention of the demo account is to mimic live trading as much as possible to provide traders a tangible feel of a real trading environment. The pricing on the demo platform is indicative of the live pricing but should not be confused as a real time mirror image of what is displayed on a live account.

The underlying reason is that the demo Account is designed to assume that all markets are infinitely liquid at all times of any transaction. However, this is not the case of how the live markets function.

During highly volatile market periods such as fundamental news releases, there are occasions when the interbank market is illiquid.

The demo account and the live account are hosted on different servers. This is to ensure that clients are able to experiment with all kinds of trading methods and EAs on Demo servers and that these excessive loads do not affect the integrity and performance of the live servers. However, we strive to uphold the most indicative pricing and spread to provide the best gauge of what a live account offers.

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